Once upon a time, in the sunny city of Singapore, there lived a dreamer named Nellie. Blessed with twin toddlers, Harley and Harper, who were full of boundless energy and vibrant imaginations, Nellie dreamed of creating a haven of happiness within the cozy walls of their apartment—a place where her children could explore, play, and create everlasting memories.

As she searched high and low, Nellie realized that the world lacked an exciting bounce house that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fit perfectly into their cozy home. Determined to fill this whimsical void, Nellie embarked on an extraordinary quest to bring her vision to life.

Armed with her imagination and fuelled by her love for her children, Nellie sought inspiration in every corner, searching for the perfect balance of elegance and excitement. She envisioned a magical space that would harmoniously blend with their home and transformed their living room into a workshop of wonders. Countless hours were spent sketching, prototyping, and refining every detail, ensuring that each bounce house was a masterpiece of both aesthetics and playfulness. That's when Puffie was born!

A magnificent Rainbow Bounce House lovingly designed by Nellie, with carefully selected soft, pastel hues that mirrored the colours of a magical sky. Each curve and arch of the Bounce House was meticulously crafted with dedication and care, allowing children to explore their dreams and create precious memories in the comfort of their homes.

And so, dear friends, step into the world of Puffie, where dreams take flight and rainbows come alive. Let your humble abodes become grand castles of play and discovery, and where ordinary homes become extraordinary playgrounds filled with the magic that only a Puffie bounce house can bring. Welcome to a reimagined living room that bounces to the heart of your home!